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David O’Leary on’s Real Money Talk Podcast

Episode Description

David started investing in 1996 at age 18 and enjoyed early success thanks to tech market giants and the internet. After growing his portfolio to $10,000, he was hooked, but not playing with enough cash, so he borrowed to invest more. At 25, he told his parents he needed to file for bankruptcy.

Now he is the Founder and Principal at Kind Wealth, a fee-only financial planning service.

No sales commissions, no contracts, and fair flat fees. He’s been featured on BNN Bloomberg, Financial Post, The Globe & Mail, and MoneySense to name a few. The best advice for me, comes from people with experience. David has seen the highs and lows of personal finance, so we reached out to hear his story, what it’s like filing bankruptcy, and what his company Kind Wealth is all about.

At the end we wrap up with the question – Do you need life insurance? Get life insurance quotes at

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