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What do your money choices say about your values?

Your wealth can be a powerful tool to make a positive impact. In addition to philanthropy, how you spend and invest your money and time can help impact the causes you care about. This website is meant to help you get smarter about impact investing and explore new ways of using money to create a better world. 

My appearances & Interviews

Welcome to my digital home!

Getting to know me is just a scroll away ... 

Growing up I loved to play Monopoly. But I was often frustrated by the role that chance played. A few unlucky rolls early in the night was all it took to seal your fate if you were unfortunate enough to miss the valuable properties.

That always struck me as outrageously unfair; that somehow I could lose the game because of bad luck. I couldn't tolerate it. My solution was to siphon a handful of quality properties that would be shuffled and dealt to each player so that all players had a chance to win no matter how the dice landed. 


These were my instincts as a kid. Sadly, my formal finance education would indoctrinate me in free-market capitalism where we were taught that maximizing shareholder value was our sole goal. Thankfully, my life experiences led me to reject this harmful doctrine and come to understand that my 12 yr old self was right all along!

Today, I'm most passionate about advancing equality (particularly wealth, gender, and racial), protecting our planet, and motivating others to positively impact what they care about.
About Me

What I Do

After spending the first 15 years of my career in the institutional investment industry, I had some life experiences that made me decide to direct my time, energy, and money to address the outrageous inequality that still exists today.

The field of impact investing gave me the best opportunity to use my existing skillset to make a dent in inequality.


Now I spend all of my time dedicated to one of three pursuits: 

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Bring more attention to the ways people can use their wealth to make a positive impact.

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Reduce the barriers that prevent caring people from taking action.

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Make impact investing more accessible for all. 

I take a "portfolio" approach to my impact efforts. This means that, much like I diversify my investments across a portfolio of securities, I split my time and energy in a variety of ways that I believe can create the biggest impact on the problems closest to my heart. In this way, I invest my human capital the same way I invest my financial capital, I diversify. Here's how I spend my time.

Public Speaking
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I am available for keynote presentations, panel discussions, and media interviews. My speaking topics focus on the intersection of money and meaning. See all my past speaking engagements/topics here.

Recent engagements

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Morningstar Investment Conference

Cape Town, South Africa

October 15, 2019

Advisors, are you ready for change?

A keynote presentation on how advisors need to adapt their practice to survive and thrive in the new world order.


Wealth Professional Invest ESG

Toronto, Canada

October 20, 2020

Impact Investing: The Next Frontier

A keynote presentation discussing the opportunity for advisors to both serve their clients well and grow their business through impact investing.

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MaRS Social Finance Forum

Toronto, Canada

November 06, 2019

Fireside Chat: Is Capitalism broken?

A fireside chat where we discussed why Capitalism isn't working and how the ways in which impact investing could go wrong.

Media appearances