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impact investments

I am in the process of building a database of impact investments that will be freely available for all to contribute to and benefit from. As a community will we ensure the data is kept accurate and up to date. As we collect information, we can begin sharing our due diligence, analysis, and opinions to help everyone make better, more informed impact investment choices. The database will be made public once the first version is complete (targeting the end of Q1 2021). 

If you are an impact investment provider, please see below for how to submit data on your investment to our database.

Submit your impact investment

If you would like to submit any impact investment offerings to our database, you must first complete this form. Only representatives from the issuing organization may submit information about an impact investment. You are only required to complete this form once. Once your organization has been entered into our database, you may then submit information related to your investment offerings. Please submit a separate "investment offering" form for each investment. We accept entries for impact investments of all sorts of types/structures. Please note: we only accept entries for organizations (charity, non-profit, public sector, or social-enterprises) working in impact investing (must have stated and measurable impact metrics).  

Submit Other data (jobs, events, thought leadership) here.

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